Why are ceramic bandsaw blade guides better?

Ceramic band saw guides are unique and revolutionary and are much better than phenolic, metal or wood blade guides because ceramic doesn’t conduct heat like other materials do. As a result, ceramics last longer.

They stabilize the band saw blade better

Ceramic guides actually touch the bandsaw blade which in turn provides for a more stable blade.  Because the guides come into contact with the blade it also makes the blade run smoother and quieter. This increases your band saw’s precision since the blade tracks truer.

Ceramic guides improve your bandsaws longevity

With ceramic guides your blade will run cooler, reducing wear and tear.

No Moving Parts

There are also no moving parts.  With some other band saw guides that have roller bearing assemblies, foreign materials and moisture can impact their ability to run smoothly.  Because they can’t be in direct contact with the blade due to heat build up, the blade is allowed to vibrate which degrades performance.  In addition, due to many factors, moving parts eventually wear out.

Ceramic bandsaw blade guides keep your blade cleaner

Additionally, ceramic guide blocks keep your blade cleaner as your saw works. Keeping pitch and dust off of your blade improves your saw’s performance.