About SpaceAge Ceramics

Industrial Alumina Oxide Ceramic was developed in the early days of space exploration and is the material used to make the heat shield for the re-entry space craft. It’s also used extensively in the medical field because of its smooth, yet extremely durable, properties.

Furthermore, industrial applications of Alumina Oxide Ceramic are common in industries with high acid environments because of its resistance to corrosion.

All these properties combine to make SpaceAge Ceramic Guideblocks the best option for your shop.

Ceramic guides have been used in various applications within the saw mill industry for the past 15 years. Clifford Hyatt, founder of SpaceAge Ceramic Guideblocks, was an early pioneer of this very useful and efficient process and has since applied the concept to the smaller saw mill and homeowner needs.

Industrial Alumina Oxide Ceramic guides will never wear out under normal use. Your blades will run smoother, cooler, truer, and with less friction because of the smoothness and hardness of the ceramic guides.

We guarantee it!

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