Installation Info

Ceramic Guide Block & Thrust Bearing Installation Guide

You have purchased the finest friction guide blocks available today. We suggest that you take the following steps when installing these guide blocks.
  1. Unplug your band saw.
  2. Replace your guide blocks with the SpaceAge ceramic guide blocks.
  3. Set your blade the thickness of a playing card in front of the thrust bearing.
  4. Set your guide blocks away from the blade at the thickness of a dollar bill. The front edge of the guide blocks should be located behind the gullets.
  5. Turn the bandsaw on and check to ensure that the blade is not making contact with the thrust bearing. The blade should only be in contact with the thrust bearing when a load or pressure is applied to the blade, such as when cutting material.
  6. Wear safety glasses at all times when working in your shop.

SpaceAge Ceramics guarantees your satisfaction.

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