Rikon 18″ 10-370 Guide and Thrust Set

Rikon 18″ Guide and Thrust Set (10-370)

This set of ceramic guide blocks and thrust bearings replaced the roller bearings on your Rikon 18″ 10-370 Bandsaw.

$125 / set


Photo after installation:

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“It’s a great feature that your product is completely compatible with RIKON guide hardware, unscrew the old rollers, screw in the blocks, adjust and you are all set. In my opinion, you have a winner. The upgrade process is the simplest thing I’ve done so far on a band saw. I see no reason or potential reason why they won’t pass the re-saw test with flying colors. Your guides look like they will be strong performers. They align nicely, look compact and purposeful. The straight and square surfaces, their shape, make it way easier to make and finalize the gap adjustments than roller bearing guides.

The thrust blocks just look right to me, straight square, compact, centered and easy to adjust. I feel sure they will fully perform their purpose without complaining.”

-Ken Masco

Strategy Execution Partners